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John Mayer Fans Australia

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Welcome to jmayerfans_au! The main aim of this community is to allow somewhere for John Mayer's fans within Australia and New Zealand and surrounds to get together and discuss everything about the man himself. If you don't live in the area I just mentioned don't be disheartened-you are more than welcome to join of course, the more john fans the merrier! (Although, it is primarily a community for AUST/NZ/SURROUNDS fans, so you may not understand some of what is posted about)

1. Be respectful of each other! We're all here for the same reason-to enjoy john's music with other like-minded people. Anything derrogatory, rude or disrespectful will be deleted.

2. If you have a large pic or article please post it under an lj cut, for the sake of people's friends lists. In no way am I discouraging large pics of John though, just for the record ;)

3. If you want to advertise another community, please make sure it is John - or at the very least, music - related. Anything other than that is a no-go, sorry guys.

4. Any posts in the "I'm new" vein must include possibly some favourite songs, a favourite album, or an offering for us to feast our eyes on (pics/icons etc).

5. HAVE FUN!!!! enjoy the music that John makes, and enjoy the fact that we can share it with other people.

I have a feeling I won't need any more rules than this. Post often! Tell your friends! ENJOY THE COMMUNITY!

Yours in Mayerness,

hijakd, your friendly mod.

P.S-Questions? Queries? Death Threats? Was it your Llama I stole? Just email me on the above address or comment in my personal LJ and I'll do my best to fix whatever the problem may be. I am approchable, I promise I won't bite, and any problems with the community should be brought to my attention so that they can be fixed ASAP.

...I apologise for that sounding like every other set of community rules you have ever read, but please just have fun and enjoy the john!