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"If I had a dollar for every brain you didn't have, I'd have exactly one dollar."

Well, I figured no one had posted in this community yet so I may as well start

Obviously I am a rather obsessed John Mayer fan, and I saw him live in sydney, along with v_laa, and it was amazing... we also saw scotty crowe numerous times (wearinga pink shirt)and he waved at us! - this further lead to many a dirty joke about waterbottles and body parts and scotty... let's not go into it

During his set, John said many times "I love you too... ladies" in that smoothly irresistible voice of his, while also saying "At this pace I'll be naked by sun-up" when he was finally convinced to remove his blazer during the raucous squealing of the female fans, which was along the lines of "Take your jacket off!"and "I want to have your babies!"

Well, hope your weekend is going better than mine (as in i am swamped under mounds of homework and see no hope of it being completed any time soon, especially when lj communities such as this one exist)

Talk to you soon
(Hello Lil)

The quote at the top, btw, has no real relevance, it is from spongebob squarepants and was put there more for the need to have a title rather than for any connection to John Mayer
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